ID=12262231(WBIR - LOUDON) Fire crews Saturday continued to look out for hot spots on the scene of a fire that destroyed a Loudon County church early Saturday morning.

Crews spent around 10 hours on the scene overnight. Missy Rogers and Nicci Smith said they watched everything unfold from their front porch.

Smith said, "It was kind of scary to be honest. We stayed outside the house just to make sure we didn't need to evacuate the area. We were ready to grab the kids and the dog and the cat and run down the street behind the houses and get our of the way."

Rogers said, "It was very scary because you didn't know if the awning was going to fall over and part of that hit these other houses and we're just right across the street."

As of Saturday afternoon, the biggest concern was whether the nearly 100-year-old building will collapse.

Captain Mark Harvey of Loudon Fire Department said the Word of Faith Family Worship Center on the 800 block of Mulberry Street caught fire around 12:30 a.m Saturday.

Capt. Harvey said the bottom floor of the two story building is used for worship and the top floor is a rental property.

He said two adults and two children live on the top floor. He said the family had a small fire in the stove and thought they had put it out.

While the cause of the fire is under investigation, Harvey said it possibly started with that stove.

A police officer on patrol after midnight noticed smoke coming from the building.

Crews evacuated the family. Firefighters said they had to go into defensive mode by the time they started fighting the fire because flames "were coming from all corners."

No one was injured.