More than a dozen people in East Tennessee spotted a fireball in the sky Thursday night, according to the American Meteor Society.

The fireball was actually flying over eastern North Carolina. The AMA says it was visible from Earth while it was over the Asheville area.

More than 65 people from seven southeastern states reported seeing the fireball around 10 p.m. Those reports describe the fireball as multiple colors ranging from green to red. Four people said they could also hear the fireball.

The AMA says a fireball is basically a "very bright meteor." Several thousand fireballs occur in Earth's atmosphere every day, but most of those happen over the ocean.

Fireballs can be seen as different colors based on the dominant elements being vaporized and the velocity of the fireball. "For example, sodium produces a bright yellow color, nickel shows as green, and magnesium as blue-white," according to the AMA.

For more information about fireballs or to report a sighting, you can visit the AMA website.