Phil and Cheryl Anderson have owned the Smoky Mountain Cat House in Pigeon Forge for 32 years. 
The Andersons relocated to East Tennessee from New Orleans. 
Phil was a restoration contractor, but Cheryl wasn't sure what she should do.
"My best friend told me, 'Cats-- You love cats,'" said Cheryl. "Everybody thought I was crazy, but I proved them wrong."
From cat clocks to jewelry, you can find anything at the business located in the Old Mill District. 
They even have a dog room for canine lovers. 
The Smoky Mountain Cat House continues to grow in shop and online.
"Actually my grandson is the one who told me I needed to update myself because I was living in the nineties," added Cheryl.
She created a website and a Facebook page.
Now her business reaches people from Pigeon Forge to Thailand.
You can learn more about the Smoky Mountain Cat Shop here.