Football is a game full of emotion. That emotion intensifies when opponents are in close proximity. The Battle of the Bridge is a perfect example.

Lenoir City wide receivers coach C.J. Martin has been diligently prepping his team for the upcoming bout all while battling his own distractions. "It's a weird week. It's a tough week."

While C.J. sports the orange and black for his Lenoir City Panthers, his wife Tammy's allegiance lies with the rival Loudon Redskins. Tammy teaches art at Loudon High School which mean one week out of the year C.J. and Tammy live in a house divided. "This week is pretty intense. We don't talk about the game at all. We'll take like little jabs at each other. I'll put notes in his lunch box that say go Redskins."

After this week life can get back to normal in the Martin household. Then again, there's always bragging rights to consider.