An East Tennessee artist's custom jewelry could hit the big time tonight.

"A little funky mixed with a little bit of vintage class," Sarah Brobst said.

That's how she describes the re-imagined jewelry she crafts from other people's leftovers.

"It's all recycled, all upcycled, depending on whatever word you want to use for it. I call it salvaged because people are throwing it away. It's broken, it's worn, the colors are gone, the rhinestones have popped out. They're not going to wear it any more," she said.

Sarah sells her salvaged jewelry at farmers markets and shows and online and even off her own body...

"We were traveling up to New York for a show and I was in a little antique mall sort of thing and this lady was like I really like that. Oh, I made this. And she was like can I have it? And I was like yes," she remembered.

That is just one of her fun jewelry stories.

"My sister's a stunt double so she has occasion to give my jewelry as wrap presents at the end of her movies," she said.

That's why jewelry she has made has ended up in the hands and on the necks of celebrities including actress Jennifer Lawrence.

How did it happen? Sarah is part of a group that promotes independent artists that has a gifting suite for the Emmys. That's a place where celebrities pick out fabulous stuff for free. One of the items is a necklace Sarah made.

"I picked a really big collar necklace. Multi strand. There's a skeleton key and clock parts and watch hands and jewels and stuff like that. So it's one of a kind but not crazy over the top but it's something very unique and someone would never see anything like that," she said.

She doesn't know yet if a celebrity chose her necklace.

"Most of the time you get a picture from it with the celebrity who picked your piece," she said.

She thinks the celebrities picked their red carpet accessories before visiting the gifting suites but she will still be watching the Emmys closely tonight.

Sarah imagined her own reaction. "That would be super cool if I'm like what? There it is. That's mine. There it is. Looks really good. You make it look great."

She makes junk look great.

"There are ways you can breathe new life into old stuff," she said.

Channel 10 will broadcast the Emmys live at 8:00 tonight.