(WBIR-West Knox County) Lynn Dorris has had forty seven surgeries. She has one faith.

"You know that poem the Footprints. When you don't see the footprints next to you He's carrying you. And I feel like he's carried me for the last six or seven years," she said.

Lynn Dorris's story starts with a car wreck.

"Somebody ran the traffic light at Cedar Bluff and Fox Lonas. Broadsided me," she said.

Doctors fixed a ruptured disc and everything seemed fine until 10 years later in 2006.

"I started having pain. Barely bumped the hip on the stairwell in the process of moving and didn't think a thing of it at the time but the next day had a bruise the size of a basketball, black and purple, and I could barely walk," she remembered.

A series of tests revealed she had avascular necrosis in both hips. It happens when the blood supply is interrupted and bone tissue dies. Doctors linked her slow developing condition to the trauma of the car wreck. She had a hip replacement at 39.

Her father, Jerry Dorris, said, "You have to say a lot of prayers and hope for the best when you get in a situation like this but she has shown people that it can be done."

She's lived with her father in West Knox County and received a lot of support from friends during a series of health set backs from infections, complications, and a lot of surgeries.

"Physical therapy and the Lord have just helped me to keep pushing and not give up and I'm walking with a cane now. It's been hard. It's not been easy. It's not anything I would ever want to go through again. But God has shown my very clearly that He's in control and He has a plan for everything that happens, " Lynn said.

Jerry said, "It's taken a lot of physical and mental strength on her part to get to where she is today."

While she stayed at home recovering over the years she started journaling which lead to writing songs, and poems and devotionals and now she feels led to become a counselor for people struggling with health issues.

"I'm working toward certification as a Biblical counselor and I'm more than half way there," she said.

She already has some wisdom to share.

"You just have to wake up in the morning and just say OK Lord I don't know what's going to happen but I know you're with me and I know you're got me," she said.

Lynn has started a blog called "Always Be Thankful." Read it here.