Becky Odom, a teacher at Farragut Primary School, is beloved by many.

Her birthday is in a few weeks, but with the help of Kim Hansard from Star 102.1 and some sneaky classroom parents, she received an early surprise today.

Mrs. Odom’s students and their parents wrote her a letter of gratitude. They also bought her a cake and some flowers.

She was surprised with the gifts on Monday afternoon.

"I didn't expect anything like this,” said Odom. “I mean, we were in journal time when you guys walked in. It's an honor to have anything like this happen."

Governor Bill Haslam and his wife wrote a letter of their own.

Mrs. Odom was also selected to be WBIR’s Educator of the Week.

She says that her students are like family.

“This is why I want to come to work,” added Odom. “I've worked here for so long, but I still can't wait to come to work. I absolutely love my school.”

Mrs. Odom jokes that she’ll be celebrating her birthday for the entire month of March this year.