The first year of of a baby's life is a busy one, full of wonders and discovery. In some cases that 12-month road can be a bumpy one.

Collyns Faith Culbreth was born 6 weeks early at UT Medical Center. She had severe IUGR (Intrauterine growth restriction) and weighed only 3lbs.

At just four days old, Collyns received surgery for a lower gastrointestinal issue followed by procedures for her lungs and the placement of a feeding tube in her stomach.

Collyns' mother, Megan Culbreth, has watched her daughter endure a great deal. "Collyns has a PDA and an ASD which are two forms of a hole in her heart where blood flow is not operating properly." Collyns will have surgery later in the year to repair her heart.

Love and support are key in helping anyone endure such an arduous journey. Thankfully, that's something Collyns is not short of. When Megan and her family heard that Collyns would need this procedure, even her workplace was quick to help. Her friend and coworker, Tiffany, organized a garage sale at their workplace, Whirlpool.

"Just to see how many departments have backed this cause to support Collyns has been remarkable," she said.

The garage sale for Collyns will take place August 16th at 414 N. Peters Rd in the Whirlpool parking lot. The event runs from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm with proceeds going to Children's Hospital Home Health and Whirlpool Foundation.