Jordan Byrd is a Pysanky artist in East Tennessee.

Pysanky is a Ukrainian and Polish tradition that dates back 5000 years.

Byrd discovered her interest in the tradition at a young age.

"I grew up in California, and I was very active in 4-H," said Byrd. "It was a little different than it is here."

4-H classes in California focused more on crafts, like Pysanky.

"They offered a 2-hour Pysanky class that I took when I was 11 or 12, and I just fell in love with it," added Byrd.

She has been practicing the art of Pysanky since.

When she was looking for a little extra income, Byrd's parents suggested that she sell her egg art.

She now makes anywhere between 10 and 20 eggs each week.

"It is kind of surreal to think that an egg, something you eat every day for breakfast, can be the source of my income now," said Byrd.

She uses a dressmaker's pencil, colored beeswax, a kitska tool and an open flame.

Pysanky is a sophisticated concept.

Byrd also makes ornaments, jewelry and hair pins- all out of the egg shells

"People don't tend to believe me when I say they are real eggs," added Byrd.

No birds were harmed in the making of Byrd's art.

The little eggs come out of California from a woman who raises birds specifically for egg artists.

They're not fertilized.

The bigger eggs come out of a farm in Niota.

Byrd cleans them out and sends the insides back to feed the pigs on the farm.

You can purchase the products at the Liz-Beth Gallery on Kingston Pike.

You can also order them here.