(WBIR-North Knoxville) An event this Sunday is called "Get on Board with the Ladies of Charity." The train theme will be carried out at the Southern Depot.

Attending the fundraiser will help people in need.

Volunteers like Betsy O'Connor sort and pack food at the Ladies of Charity Emergency Assistance and Thrift Store on Baxter Avenue. The bags of food include protein like milk and cheese but they also accommodate people like Jason Robinson, who is homeless.

"A travel bag because I don't have my own place right now. They're going to give me food that I don't have to cook and clothes," Jason Robinson said.

Their mission is helping the poor get through tough times.

"We do call it an emergency food service. We only can give people help six times a year for food," Nancy Scheurer with Ladies of Charity said.

She the difference it makes.

"There are a lot of under served people who are working who cannot make ends meet month to month and they run out of money before the month does," she said.

Jason said, "I'm down on my luck."

Proceeds from sales at the thrift store along with donations and grants support the mission of the Ladies of Charity. An event this weekend is also and important fundraiser.

"The name of our fundraiser is Get on Board with the Ladies of Charity," Pat Murphy with Ladies of Charity said. "Hope it's going to be a beautiful Sunday evening and everyone can be in and out looking at the trains and enjoying the music, having something to eat, getting to know more about the Ladies of Charity."

The people who come to them for assistance know it's a place to find help without judgment.

Nancy said, "We all are here to help each other through life. We have ups and downs and there are people who wouldn't make it if we weren't here to be able to that." :

Jason said, "Knoxville is a Christian city so Jesus Christ is here."