Painting chalkboards keeps Lauren Claiborne very busy.

Claiborne is a Knoxville-native and the owner of LC Chalk Works.

It is her passion that she sort of stumbled into.

"I didn't really plan to get into chalk art at all," said Claiborne. "A friend of mine had asked me to do a chalkboard for him, so that's sort of how it got started."

Claiborne continued to paint for fun, and she fell in love with it.

She created a Facebook page for her work three years ago.

She has now painted more than 1,000 chalkboards.

"When I found this, I had no idea it would be something that I was good at," said Claiborne.

Claiborne also paints the chalkboards at Whole Foods for full-time income.

She has also made signs for birthday parties, weddings and much more.

"I think that there will always be a place for a hand-written sign," added Claiborne. "There is just this unique feeling that you get when you look at something that is handmade."

Claiborne plans to continue her chalk art for many years to come.