Some of the best books are written by authors with a real passion for the subject.

That is certainly the case with one East Tennessee author.

"My husband gave me a bird feeder," Wendy Hamilton remembered.

And so it began. Birds flocked to the feeder on a tree outside the window of their home in Halls.

Wendy Hamilton / Halls Resident "It's fascinating right here by the woods the birds that come. Woodpeckers, several different species of woodpeckers, and my favorite is the little chickadee," she said.

Wendy Hamilton and her family just enjoyed watching the birds.

"I'm looking at all the birds and I'm trying to figure out what species they are so I go buy a book on birds and start learning and it became a family game. My kids would say, hey mom, what kind of bird is that," she said.

The family fun focused on the feeding tree inspired her to write a book called The Feeding Tree.

"One morning I was just talking to the birds and the rhymes came to me. And I thought, oh, well, maybe this is a children's book in the happening. So I worked on it and read up a little bit about some of the birds I was seeing and it just came to be," she said.

She thinks early readers will enjoy it.

"Really my target is parents and grandparents who want their kids to notice nature a little bit more and they can recognize the birds that are in my book and maybe with the little poems in there they'll be able to say hey grandma that's a cardinal," she said.

That's another title for the author: grandmother.

"She's seven months old and hopefully this will be her favorite book one day," she said with a laugh.

It's a book called The Feeding Tree.

The Feeding Tree is available online.