East Tennessee has a wide variety of tastes and cuisines available. Much of the culinary styles come from talented chefs that have traveled the globe.

Chef Garrett of Garrett's Downtown Deli is no stranger to this.

"I served an apprenticeship in large five-star hotels. I started my career training in Dublin, London, and then on to Paris, Switzerland, the Bahamas, United States. My father before me was a restaurateur and he had a steakhouse back in Dublin where I'm from. He had five kids and when you're a small businessman with five kids, everyone of those kids gets into the restaurants. They work. Four of the five hated it. I loved it, took like a duck to water. It's all I ever wanted to do."

Chef Garrett had plans to retire in Florida until he drove through Tennessee.

"Passed through Knoxville, absolutely fell in love with the place. I wanted to essentially at least semi-retire. Too young to retire, too young and good looking so I didn't want to work a hundred hours a week in a five-star fine restaurant anymore, but I did want to keep my hand in and keep something going."

So Garrett's Downtown Deli came to be and has been going strong for the last seven years.

"We do the best Reuben and the best hot corn beef sandwich we believe outside of New York and I think I can say that safely without fear of any kind of consternation."

Garrett's Downtown Deli is located at 800 S. Gay St, Knoxville, TN 37929.