Being a mom is important to Amy Misenhimer, but she wanted to stay sharp, she wanted to work. She turned to MomSource Network to find flexible employment.

"It's offered us that balance where I can continue to do what I want to do however I am still a mom and I prioritize my family," she said.

MomSource founder Courtney Jones said, "We really specialize in flexible full-time, permanent part-time, remote work, or job share which is where two people share one full-time position."

Jones started the company in Knoxville about three and a half years ago - inspired by her own desire to balance home and work.

"That's really what MomSource is about. It's about finding that blend between kind of professional fulfillment and personal happiness," she said.

The company now has 4,000 members and hundreds of employers. Her internal team has grown to 17 people, including Amy Misenhimer.

"With flexibility you get more productive employees, you get happier employees, and you get employees who are more loyal," she said.

"Let's find a way to think of your career as a dial instead of a switch," Jones said. "It's not either that you work full-time or you don't work at all. It's that there are times in your life when you may want to dial it up and focus full throttle on advancing your career and there are other times where you may want to be engaged but just dial it back a little bit."

MomSource is named for moms but has grown to include dads and retirees - anyone who desires a flexible work schedule. Jobs range from accounting to marketing to product management. They have even placed a microbiologist.

"It's really about a work environment where the employer can measure things like results and deadlines versus time card punches," Jones said.

The web-based business offers professional development courses and coaching as well as a connection between workers and employers who support flexible schedules.

Technology allows workers to interact outside of a typical work environment.

"It's much easier now than it was 20 years ago and it will be much easier in 18 months than it even is right now, so I think it's really a great time to be thinking about alternatives to traditional employment," Jones said.

"I never see myself going back into the traditional workforce," Misenhimer said.

She's part of a workforce that works for her commitment to being a mom.