Jillie Eves is chasing her art dreams in Knoxville.

She works for the Clarence Brown Theatre, and in her spare time, she likes to paint.

She especially likes to paint portraits of Knoxville.

"I tend to wander around," said Eves. "I go to festivals and take photographs of the interesting people of Knoxville."

Eves listens to a podcast titled "Artists Helping Artists", and it has recently inspired her to paint what she loves: the city of Knoxville.

Each year, the woman leading the podcast encourages artists to paint for 30 days straight.

Eves took on the challenge.

While working her full-time job at the Clarence Brown Theatre, she was able to paint 15 photos of Knoxville in 30 days.

"I had a lot of support," added Eves. "My mother lives with my husband and I, and she helped by cooking and cleaning. So did my husband. It was a group effort."

You can find more of her work on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.