ID=12231055To have a successful 4th of July celebration it's good to have a few things on hand. Freedom, good food, friends and of course fireworks make for an eventful night. Thanks to Pyro Shows the fireworks won't disappoint.

Pyro Shows was founded by Langston Hill in 1969. Fast forward to today and Pyro Shows is responsible for over 150 firework shows across the country on the 4th of July alone.

James Woods with Pyro Shows believes the show will be impressive. "What you're going to see is an excess of about five hundred shells, a little over fifteen hundred pounds of explosives. Pyro Shows is blessed to be part of Independence Day celebrations in towns and cities all over this country that God has blessed us to be part of. It's an amazing responsibility that we have to celebrate our freedom."

The fireworks are set to kick off in Knoxville at 9:35 pm.