(WBIR-Pigeon Forge) The show at the Sable Theater - pronounced saw-blay - in Pigeon Forge is called "Imagination on Sand." Iryna Lialko is the sand artist who begins each scene with a sand image.

"My name is Igor Kassaev and I came from Russia," he introduced himself.

He is the producer of the show and he has a long resume including Ringling Brothers Circus and Cirque du Soleil.

"Now we create a new show for the United States, for the people of the United States, and I hope that everybody is going to like it," he said. "Every image will come alive on the stage with the horses and the performers."

A horsewoman with a special touch plays a critical role in the performance.

"My name is Sylvia Zerbibi. I work at Sable Equestrian Theater and I am the Liberty Trainer," she said. "I've learned the silent language of horse and I present up to 10 horses free, completely free of aid all together, and what you see is a natural herd interacting with one another and then I actually put them through a ballet sequence."

The horses walk through the sequence with grace.

"We have amazing horses, some of the very best from around the world. We have incredible artists, some tumblers like you've never seen," she said.

Sable Theater has partnered with Horse Haven of Tennessee, which rescues and cares for abused horses. Five dollars from every ticket sold for Thursday's show will go to Horse Haven.

"Being able to help other horses that for us is a big deal so the proceeds that can go to Horse Haven and help feed and take care of these horses, that makes us feel good because our horses are our life," she said.

Tickets to tomorrow's Imagination on Sand Horse Haven benefit performance are available online or at the door.

Igor said, "It's coming from our heart. And not just me but everybody. All the performers they love horses so we are really happy to do this one."

Before Thursday's performance Horse Haven will announce its Whinny Awards for dedicated horse advocates.