Pigeon Forge has long been a hub for those wanting to experience the Smoky Mountains. It's covered in shops, fun games and beauty. However, it's difficult to experience it all from the seat of a car.

Visitors can always get out and walk, but that can be a large amount of ground to cover. Now thanks to Segway Pigeon Forge, pedestrians have a new option.

A segway is a mobility assist device that uses gyros to help self-balance the rider. It's a combination of propulsion, energy and inertial sensing that allows the rider to control the segway's movements.

Shawn Arnder is one of the co-owners of Segway Pigeon Forge.

"It will roughly go 23 miles on a charge or 12 hours and it will pretty much go anywhere that you want to take them," he said. "They're deemed by the Supreme Court as mobile assist devices so they can actually be taken inside. They can actually go wherever a wheelchair can go."

Riders are thought of as pedestrians and stick to the same rules.

"They do cross some of the roads here in Pigeon Forge, but for the most part there are crosswalks here in Pigeon Forge and obviously the traffic is supposed to adhere to the pedestrians crossing so as far as safety issues, there's no huge safety issues with them."

To find out more about renting or purchasing a segway check out www.segwaypigeonforge.com or visit their shop at 3337 Old Mill Street, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863.