Summertime means summer camp for many kids. For the athletes visiting FlipFest Gymnastics Camp in Crossville, it's a chance to learn and play with the best.

The camp is run by Olympians John Macready and John Roethlisberger. Physical agility, coordination and courage make up the unique sport of gymnastics. At FlipFest, athletes train and play while receiving instruction from some of the sports top competitors.

Morgan Hamm took home an Olympic silver medal in the team competition back in 2004. He remembers what it was like going to camp when he was a young gymnast.

"I remember going to a camp in Wisconsin called Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp and just seeing people come in there, seeing Olympians. John Roethlisberger used to go to that camp and I was a little kid and I would look up to him at that point and seeing him come in and do all of this stuff and like thinking about, wow, I could be like that some day is pretty cool."

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