You've probably seen it driving through town. It's called The Big Love Bus and it's bringing social transportation to a new level.

It's perfect for weddings, parties or just about any social gathering. Features include a bluetooth enabled sound system with speakers inside and out. It's got a ceiling you can write on, groovy lighting and enough room for 35 of your closest friends. They even have GoPro cameras mounted to help you remember your experience.

Manager Renée Sprouse says she's happy to have the Big Love Bus as part of Knoxville's landscape. "We did custom seating, comfortable, easy to clean. We have storage underneath for people to store whatever they need for parties and we have TVs so people can watch football games or whatever they want on there. We have a galvanized tub right here so people can bring snacks and drinks, whatever they like. We just designed it so it would be more social and everybody can sit and look at each other and talk and it just flowed better."

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