(WBIR-Downtown Knoxville) An East Tennessee woman has imagined far off lands with inspirational characters and put it all down in a book.

Her short story collection that was just published.

"The book is called The Green Locket: Legends and Lessons from Near and Far," Kelly Dreher said.

The title captures the essence of her collection of original fairy tales.

"I like the idea of a storybook being like a locket because in a locket you would keep secrets and pictures of people who you love the most, stories and memories and things that you remember and maybe memories of places you have been and that's all the things that the book is," she said.

Part of her inspiration came from teaching middle school students.

"People sort of don't give them enough credit. And all of the characters in the stories are younger teenagers who end up doing really big important things," she said.
"It features stories from a couple different cultures, faraway places to visit, memories and stories of bravery and love and heroism." :20

She said the stories came quickly.

"My husband would proof read for me and help me think through ideas and things and he would say I really like that character and I would say I like her too. It's like I was meeting somebody for the first time," she said.

After she finished writing the book she started illustrating the book.

"The art is not my primary skill but it was fun to do it and we did a little bit of computer work on the pictures and they ended up looking real cool," she said.

She's a teacher so it's no surprise that her stories contain lessons.

"It has not only just stories but each one has a moral that is sort of associated with it," she said.

Kelly Dreher hopes readers of all ages will love her stories and come away with a better understanding of the 'tweens she's come to know.

"Kids have the ability to be heroic and be brave and be loving and do all the things that adults can do they just sort of do it in their own way," she said.

The Green Locket is available online.