(WBIR-North Knoxville) It's a real lucky strike for some couples at the Strike and Spare bowling alley in North Knoxville.

"I've been a widow for 15 years and I was determined I was never getting married again," Judy Love said. "And he came in here one day and we met through mutual friends. He had been a widower for like three years and one thing led to another and here we are."

When Judy met Alvin she truly found love. His name is Alvin Love.

"We talked for a minute and I said OK I'm leaving good bye and she said well ya'll come back.." Alvin Love remembered. "The next week I came back and at that time she had already checked me out with other people in the bowling alley to see what kind of guy I really was."

Their one year wedding anniversary is July 18.

"I was glad I came down to the bowling alley that day and I came back the following week," Alvin said.

Judy said, "Who would have ever thought it?"

They're not the only ones who have found each other at the bowling alley. It's a virtual lovers lane.

Ray Dockins said, "I met her here at the bowling alley, bowling."

Ray and Lela Dockins just celebrated their wedding anniversary. The 80-somethings have been married 8 years.

"I was just bowling against her. One of her friends I've known for 30 years kind of introduced her and we went from there," Ray said.

Lela said, "There was a Valentines League coming up and I wanted to bowl in it so I asked him to bowl with me."

Ray said, "We bowled at the Valentine's Tournament in 2003. And she out bowled me. (smile)" :57

Lela admitted Ray is the better player.

"Sometimes," she said. "See I beat him today."

For the couple, it's not about the competition but the togetherness.

"We've had a good time together," Lela said.

Something deeper than bowling unites both the couples who found love in the lanes.

Judy said, "We have a really good time together. We love each other. And we keep Christ at the center of our marriage and that's what makes it work."

Ray said, "We're both Christians and we both go to church together."

And they bowl together at least one afternoon each week.