In the 1950s, a wagon train was organized to draw attention to the need for a road connecting East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Years later the road has been completed, but that hasn't stopped residents from celebrating their history.

The Wagon Train was an annual event for Tellico Plains until 1996. Ricky Shaw decided to commemorate the wagon train by having a parade though town. "We're going to start down here next to Hardee's in Tellico in the new part of town. Then we're going to go back to the old part of town."

Ricky remembers the original wagon trains. "Yeah I remember when I was young I used to ride them with friends back to the city when I was a kid."

The parade will begin at the Hardee's on Bank Street and continue into downtown. Tellico Plains is hoping to welcome 800 to 1500 visitors for the Wagon Train .