One Tennessee fan has permission from his wife to transform his basement however he likes. He transformed his Man Cave into the Vol Cave.

Walking down the steps is a journey to a one-of-a-kind place.

"You don't need something bland or blue or crimson. You need orange and white," Roy Hughes said.

A lot of orange and white.

"I'm running out of wall stuff. I'm having to put stuff on the ceiling," he said.

The ceiling, the walls, the bathroom - it's all Vol.

Hughes has a collection of traditional memorabilia that would make any rabid fan drool.

"All the current coaches autographed balls. Some of the past coaches. Peyton Manning. An actual game ball," he said, pointing to each of the footballs. "All the basketball, football, softball, baseball, all their current coaches autographed balls."

He doesn't display his Lane Kiffin football but Phil Fulmer still holds a spot.

Roy also has actual Tee Martin cleats with the number 17 on the back.

He has a lot of gloves players wore in games and an impressive photo album full of programs.

"It's all the programs from the National Championship year. All the home games, all the away games. Even the SEC Championship game and the National Championship game," he explained.

A closer look at the Vol Cave reveals some unusual items.

"I like the unique or different, not necessarily what everybody else has," he admits.

Tennessee dust buster. Got it. Nesting dolls made in Russia. Got it.

"This is the National Championship year and all these fit inside all the way up and down. But this one is the 1998 Chempion. Being Russian I guess they couldn't spell champion," he pointed out.

There's a pool table, a lava lamp and this Tennessee bowling ball ... or bowling Vol.

From a checkerboard bathroom to a closet full of Vol clothes, it's always Christmas in the Vol Cave.

"Orange garland is technically for Halloween. Not in my world," he said.

He goes to most of the games but when he's at home tailgating, so is Coach Butch Jones - well, a life sized cardboard cut out.

He demonstrated a special orange candle. He lights the wick and then music plays.

"A lot of people don't know this but 'Rocky Top' is not the official fight song. It's 'Down the Field,'" he said as the song filled the room. "And when you blow it out it quits."

Roy Hughes won't quit collecting ... well, until he runs out of space in the Vol Cave.

"She said you can do whatever you want. The basement is yours, just don't bring it upstairs. At the top of the stairs is it," he said.

You may see Roy driving around town in his Volmobile. A lot of fans like to snap pictures of it and Roy takes pictures of it with UT celebrities: Butch Jones and Holly Warlick and Rick Barnes along with Jeff Jarnigan, the the PA announcer for the Vols.