When the Vols played – and beat – Florida at home last month, hundreds of Gator fans came to Knoxville for the game.

Despite the loss, one of those Florida fans had such a good time that he wrote a letter to Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero.

In the letter, Anish Mathur said from the moment he, his wife and their dog arrived in Knoxville to the time they left, "everyone – from hotel staff to bartenders to the fans at the game – was respectful, welcoming and accommodating.”

“From this point forward, it will be hard for me to dislike the Vols maybe as much as I should, being a Gator," he wrote.

Rogero said she’s not surprised by the praise and welcomed Mathur to come back anytime.

Mathur said he looks forward to coming back to Vols, and while he’s hoping for a Gator win (we’ll see about that), we’ll welcome him back with open arms.