Inside the Bean Station Church of God, a different kind of outreach fills the room.

People struggling with addiction gather together to make a change in their lives during the first Celebrate Recovery meeting. The group was started by Justin Walden, a former addict.

"We want them more than the drug dealers and that's a very high task because the drug dealer is searching and seeking everyday," Walden said.

Walden started the program because he knows what it feels like to battle a deep addiction with drugs.

"I was a bad person," Walden said. "I know what people feel, I know what it feels like to stick a needle in your arm and feel disgusted with yourself."

Walden was addicted to meth and other drugs. He has been arrested nearly a dozen times for burglary and theft charges. One time, he tried to break into the church where he now holds the ministry.

After learning he was wanted by police, he turned himself in to Detective John McMurray with the Grainger County Sheriff's Office, who used to work for Bean Station Police.

McMurray gave Walden a chance, go to rehab or go to jail. Walden chose rehab.

"[It] makes you proud, I was proud to be part of Justin’s life. He’s come a long way," McMurray said.

Walden hopes the program will become an oasis for others to come and feel safe.

“I know what it feels like to hurt but there is hope, there is hope and there are people who care," Walden said.

The meetings will continue every Monday at 7 p.m. at Bean Station Church of God.