A former worker at a Roane County children's home is suing, alleging she was fired after reporting Tenncare fraud and sexual abuse to the state.

Reba Vickie Davis was a youth counselor at Roane Academy in Rockwood, the Roane County Circuit Court lawsuit states.

The academy is operated by Omni Visions Inc.

In the document filed earlier this month, Davis claims she witnessed both Tenncare fraud and a sexual relationship between another employee and a 17-year-old home resident. The lawsuit states the boy confirmed he'd had sex with the employee, and Davis viewed surveillance view that strongly indicated the two had sex.

Davis claims that after she reported the allegations, her opportunities for overtime were cut, she was suspended, and then she was let go last year. She worked there starting in March 2015 and received a termination letter in March 2016.

Davis is seeking up to $2 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages as well as back pay.

Omni Visions -- the parent company of Roane Academy -- said in a statement.. "We look forward to mounting a vigorous defense against what we consider to be baseless allegations.

In 2015, 10News reported on separate runaway incidents involving boys at the academy. Also, a boy and several staff members were involved in a disturbance for which some needed medical treatment.