Knoxville singer Chris Blue is officially one of the final four artists on this season of The Voice.

America voted ‘The Tennessee Soul Singer’ into the finals after his powerful performances in the semi-finals Monday evening.

The singer appeared to be shocked when Carson Daly called his name as the first contestant to move on to the final four, based on America's votes.

"I did not see that coming," Chris told 10News reporter Leslie Ackerson in L.A. "I thought he was asking the question to okey-doke me. I thought it was just 'Let me ask Chris this question and then go on to someone else, we're still going to make him wait.' I wasn't expecting my name."

Chris said he was praying that he wouldn't have to sing his save song. He couldn't hold back his excitement after getting the good news.

"I'm overjoyed, I'm humbled, I'm grateful, I'm filled," Chris said. "I'm going to allow this moment to last.

"A year ago this time, I was sitting on my bed in my bedroom thinking, 'Wow, these guys are amazing. They're talented, there's no way I would ever be on that stage or would ever be top 4.' Are you kidding me? I never thought in a million years I would be right here. But here we are."

Even before host Carson Daly revealed the final four on Tuesday night, Blue got some good news that indicated a big nationwide show of support.

Both his solo song and duet performance from Monday made it into the Top 10 of the iTunes “Top 200 Singles Chart.” That meant Blue would receive a vote bonus multiplying those iTunes downloads by five.

"I've got to put my hands together to thank God and thank America and everybody who voted and downloaded the songs," Blue said after his performance. "Thank you guys so, so much."

It was the first time one of his songs hit the top of the charts, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Throughout the competition, Blue has consistently wowed the judges and viewers at home by showing off his vocal range, emotional connection to the song lyrics, and impressive dance skills.

And so many things had to go right before this life changing moment.

Chris Blue nearly missed out on being a part of season 12 of The Voice. About halfway through the drive to Atlanta for his audition, Blue said he made the decision to turn the car around because he didn’t believe in himself. But, his fiancé eventually talked him into going.

“The whole time I’m standing in that ginormous line I’m thinking to myself, ‘well we’re here now, So God it’s on you,’” Blue explained earlier this season.

Then it was on to audition in Los Angeles and the coach’s teams filled up. It was down to Alicia Keys and the season’s final spot.

She could’ve picked another artist before Blue took the stage; however, she was looking for something special.

"I was looking for a male voice. Something a little blues-y and soulful, and BOOM!” Keys explained to Blue after his blind audition.

Blue has said he believed each step was part of God’s plan.

Chris said he and Alicia have a few things in mind for the finale already. And next week in the finals, he’ll get to see where his journey on The Voice will end.

"Knoxville thank you SO MUCH. Words cannot describe how much... hairs are standing up on my arms, on my neck, and even on my toes. I'm so excited, and y'all I promise you, I know I've gotta turn it up now."