Your chances of seeing a tiger have doubled at Zoo Knoxville!

The zoo's new Tiger Forest opened last month. Its home to three Malayan tigers--- Bashir and Tanvir, 8-year-old brothers, and newcomer Arya, a 3-year-old female.

When it opened, only one of the area's two habitats were complete, and since tigers are solitary in the wild unless they are breeding, only one of them was visible to the public at a time.

The opening of Tiger Forest's second habitat was delayed by weather, but work was finally completed and it opened up this week.

So now, you can usually see two of the three tigers at a time at Zoo Knoxville. The third will be in another habitat that is not visible to the public.

It's hoped that Arya, who was brought to the zoo earlier this year from California, will eventually take a liking to one of the brothers and hopefully produce some cubs! She is still pretty young, so zoo keepers say it could still be a few years before that happens.

Malayan tigers are critically endangered, with only about 400 still living in the wild. Zoo Knoxville works with other accredited zoos and wildlife parks through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan to build a safe and healthy population of