When the weather finally turns and fall sets in, there are many different ways to get creative with your favorite scarves.

Beauty blogger Elizabeth Ogle joined us to offer some tips for adding an extra flare to your fall fashion.

"My biggest rule is don't wear earrings that are going to touch the top of your scarf," she said.

Ogle recommends studs or small hoops that will not dangle down to the scarf.

"I like to add just a simple necklace under an infinity scarf," she said. "But, makes sure it's one with something on the bottom so it gives that V."

She said the necklace is a scarf accessory that adds balance to your fall look. Also, she said large scarves can make great wraps as the weather cools down.

"A big scarf can also be a great wrap...instead of grabbing a cardigan or a jacket if you're going out dressed up, look at your scarf collection," she said.

In the video above, Elizabeth shows different creative ways to wear scarves for every occasion.