Young Williams Animal Center offered a different Black Friday experience the day after Thanksgiving.

“Much different! But more enjoyable. More relaxing!” said Dana who, along with her daughter Emily, was first in line when the shelter opened at noon.

“We decided we wanted a family pet for the holidays," she said.

The annual Black Friday deal is meant to give more animals their forever homes in Knoxville.

“Black Friday is a great event here. I think the holiday season a lot of people choose to add to their family with a pet,” said Janet Testerman, CEO of Young Williams. “All our adult cats and dogs are just $25 today.”

Testerman says even though it is not your typical Black Friday sale, crowds still show up at the door before opening hour.

“Believe it or not, there may be a line but at the same time you have the opportunity to look around and see what animal may be the best fit for your family," she said.

Dana and Emily did not find the pet they were looking for today, but they plan to try again soon.

“It was a lot more fun than your traditional Black Friday shopping because you were able to play with the animals, hold them, look around, kind of cuddle with them and that’s something you don’t really get when you’re standing in line for hours to get a TV," she said.

Her daughter Emily agreed.

“It’s pretty nice in there," she said.

Various deals continue through the holiday season at Young Williams Animal Center. Anyone who does not need a pet but would like to donate can check the Angel Trees located in the shelter's lobby at both locations and in some local retail stores for Young Williams' holiday wish list.