ID=13880249ID=13882055(WBIR- Knoxville) Gas prices continue to fall across Tennessee, but it's even more noticeable in one place.

On one street in Knoxville, prices are 16 cents lower than the average gas price in Knoxville: $3.25 per gallon.

Three gas stations, a BJ's Food Mart, a Shell station, and a Pilot Station, all on Sutherland Avenue, posted gas at $3.09 per gallon Sunday night.

Don Lindsey, Tennessee public affairs director for AAA, said the price of gas is determined by a lot of factors such as the price of oil, the wholesale price, rent and utilities the station pays, internal costs, and what the market will bear.

"If there are several stations within a short period, a short distance of each other," he said, "a lot of times they will be in pretty fierce competition to get people in to their station."

Lindsey said it's normal for gas prices to drop in the summer months, but the prices on Sutherland Avenue are lower than other areas in Knoxville.

"What appears to be happening, is that we're having a gas war," he said. "They're in pretty fierce competition right now for that business, and that's good for the consumer for the moment."

According to Lindsey, sometimes gas stations will lower their prices to lure people to their store to purchase more products.

Gas station clerks at those three Sutherland Avenue stores said they've seen more business since gas prices have dropped.

Leon Welch, a resident in North Knoxville, said he drives to the Pilot station on Sutherland Avenue just to take advantage of the cheap prices.

"I just happen to drive by, and i was like 'What?! $3.09?!' so I've been coming ever since," he said.

To fill up a 15-gallon tank, the savings at these gas stations equals about $2.40 compared with the Knoxville average.

Lindsey said gas wars like this usually run their course and prices return to normal.

For now, Welch said he is enjoying having the extra money in his pocket.

"As long as they keep that gas price right there, I'll be coming back... $3.09 is better than $3.29 any day."