The fires in Gatlinburg have cost many everything that they've ever had. Homes, cars and family heirlooms -- all lost possessions that can never be taken back.

For the Porter family in Gatlinburg, it was their home that had been in the family for decades. It no longer stands and is little more than a pile of burnt wood and ash.

The house was nestled in the mountains in Rattlesnake Hollow. For the Porter's, it was their dream home.

"We had made it into what we thought was exactly what we wanted. We were very proud of it, and we put a lot of heart and soul in it," Bob Porter said.

The couple remodeled the house in 2006, and it was filled with irreplaceable photographs and memories.

"We had a lot of things that Bob's mother had given us that belonged to his great-grandmother," Charlynn Porter said. "It had a spectacular view of the colors when they showed their color. It was a real special place."

Now that view is of burned trees and piles of rubble where their dream house once stood.

"The shock of it is hard to describe because no one could have prepared you for basically losing everything," she said.

The chimney still stands, but not much else was saved. Bob Porter lost his 1976 Porsche in the fire, a classic item he treasured.

The material possessions can be replaced, though, and the Porters said the devastation they personally faced is nothing compared to the devastation of the surrounding area.

"It's just a material thing, "and you know, lives were lost and people are homeless, and it was just a car," Bob Porter said.

The couple fled from their home Monday night. Charlynn ended up breaking a rib on the way out the door.

The trade-off was worth it though. In exchange for leaving their beloved home and valuable possessions behind, the two were able to save something even more valuable: Their lives.

The Porters say they still have plenty to be thankful for even after the fires. Their candy shop business survived the fire, and even though they say they are unsure if they rebuild their dream home, they still have each other.