Several families who lost their homes and businesses in the Sevier county wildfires demanded answers at the Gatlinburg City Commission meeting Tuesday evening. 

Many people stood up asking the council questions about evacuations the night of the fire and progress after the fire.

“We were literally running through our lives and driving through hell and we want to know why, why didn’t somebody step up, why didn’t you step up for your town?" asked Tammy Sherrod, who lost her home during the fires. 

She was one of the many people who spoke during Tuesday’s Gatlinburg city commission meeting.

"We are all hurting and we are hurting desperately," she said. 

She asked the council about that night, about the evacuation process about what’s being done to help people like herself. 

"It’s taken away my trust in people and we really feel like they left us to die," she said.

For many, it was the first chance they have had to ask city officials about that fateful night. 

Some people read letters and some even dropped off letters for the city council like Genie Brabham, who lost her home and two cats during the fires. 

“I’ll come back every week or every month however long it takes until I get answers," Brabham said. "People died that shouldn't have had to die and animals died. You know, poor judgment."

While many people did not get the answers they were looking for, they are hopeful they will soon. 

The city council members told the room they would get back to them at a later date.