Dashcam video recordings from Gatlinburg Police officers tell a story of chaos but also compassion in the midst of flames.

A video clip of an officer carrying a woman out of a home is one of many showing officers rescuing and picking strangers up to take them to safety the night the Chimeny Tops 2 Fire swept through Gatlinburg.

The recordings are part of a sweeping records request made by 10News.

In another clip, one officer asks a woman he's giving a ride, "Can you freaking believe this?"

She replied, "No I cannot. I've been home all day and I haven't heard anything about people being evacuated."

The officer continued, "People won't leave and the fire is right there."

The unidentified woman said, "If I would have known that, sir, I would have been out of here."

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Checking on another neighborhood, an officer said they need more help.

"We could use 100 more officers right now," the unidentified officer said.

That thought was echoed by another officer in a separate clip.

"We ain't got enough people to evacuate everyone, the town is burning down," he said.

One clip showed a candid conversation between two officers on the way to respond to a call.

"I'm numb right now," said one officer. "You'd like to cry, you know. I've been here 20 years."

Almost everything in their path was on fire and their resources were stretched beyond the limit.

The officers were assigned to rescue as many people as possible.

Some people willingly jumped in their cars, some decided to stay put and some decided to evacuate on their own.

These officers knew the devastation wouldn't just touch homes, it would change lives forever.

"The bad thing, me and captain were talking ... there's no counting how many people that we are going to find that are dead," one officer said.

Fourteen people lost their lives in the fire. Gov. Bill Haslam said it was the state's largest fire in 100 years.