A Gibbs High School soccer player brought people in the stands to their feet after scoring his first goal of the season.

Billy Carter is a freshman on the Gibbs junior varsity soccer team. He has autism, but his passion for the sport is second-to-none. His coach credits him for being the team's expert on all things soccer.

The goal Billy scored Tuesday night was special for the entire team. As Gibbs went up against West High School, the coach decided to put Billy in the game.

Billy showed off some fancy footwork, dribbling the ball down the field before kicking it cleanly past West's goalie and into their net.

What came after the goal was nothing short of elation for Billy and his team. The coach said his favorite part of the night was watching Billy celebrate his first goal.

Several folks posted the moment to social media using the '#billyscores' hashtag. One person said "This is what the world needs more of!"

For West High School, it was senior night for both the varsity and junior varsity teams. And while West would end up winning the junior varsity match, Billy's coach said he didn't care at that point -- saying the goal was the best moment of the season for him.

Before Billy left, his coach asked him if he would be able to sleep that night. The excitement hadn't worn off for Billy, who exclaimed 'No way!"