Fans of "Gilmore Girls" lined up around the block for a chance to visit "Luke's Diner" in Knoxville Wednesday.

The Golden Roast on Melrose Place was transformed into the diner as part of a Netflix promotion honoring the 16th anniversary of the show's premiere. The one-day only event also promoted the upcoming Netflix reboot series "Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life," which debuts Nov. 25.

Luke's Diner is a frequent setting in the show, set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

The Golden Roast is one of 200 coffee shops around the country that were transformed into the diner Wednesday.

The coffee shop's makeover was complete with a "Luke's" sign above the door, a "No cell phones" sign inside and flannel shirts and backwards baseball caps for the staff.

The Luke's Diner sign outside The Golden Roast on Melrose Place in Knoxville on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016.