Governor Bill Haslam told reporters in East Tennessee he is close to making a decision on a new gun bill passed both the state House and Senate.

The bill would require local government buildings to provide security if they ban weapons. The governor said he is sensitive to bills that would change requirements for local governments.

I'm very sensitive to the issues around local government, having been a mayor," said Haslam. "There were a lot of things that I think were steps in the right direction from where it was before, prior to some of these areas being better defined, but we'll make the final determination here soon."

Haslam was in town as part of his Capitol to the Classroom program. That allows him to gather feedback from teachers across the state.

He also defended his choice to sign a new abortion bill into law.

The bill requires doctors to test for "viability," the point where a fetus is able to survive outside his or her mother's body, after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The bill would ban abortion after viability, unless the mother's life threatened by carrying the baby to term. A doctor violating the bill could face up to 15 years in prison.

Haslam said he signed the bill because he believed that it is what Tennessee voters want. He said Attorney General Herbert Slatery is ready to defend the bill.