Two young entrepreneurs are helping families in need while trying to make a living as small business owners.

They own a Knoxville-based grocery delivery company.

"We're here, local player you know, trying to do something beautiful for our city," said co-founder of Gateway Grocery Delivery Patrick Bardsley.

Bardsley and fellow co-founder Jimmy Sengchanh are pretty familiar with the grocery cart rattle.

"We do it five, six times a week, we do it more, we do it less than that," said Bardsley.

For them, a stack of groceries means helping someone in need, and changing the way people buy their food.

"Jimmy and I have really been trying to do something, I really think, revolutionary," said Bardsley. "It's culture changing and it's very convenient."

At Gateway Grocery Delivery, you can order what you want online, and they'll go pick it up and bring it to you.

"We've always understood one thing: that's people need a helping hand," said Bardsley.

But it's more than just a business.

For every $100 spent, they donate three meals to Second Harvest Food Bank.

"The smallest helping hand can be the biggest change in the world for some people," said Bardsley.

This allowed them to donate more than 500 meals to families in need in April, and they have no plans of stopping.

"We have clients who are in college who have no vehicles, we have clients who are between the ages of 70 and 80," said Bardsley.

The company has nearly 30 clients, like Nicole Walker and her daughter Olivia.

Patrick and Jimmy make deliveries to her regularly.

"It means so much to me, I'm so glad they can do it," said Walker. "I have two flights of stairs, and I really can't carry more than two bags at a time, especially with Olivia."

Gateway Grocery Delivery is rolling out some groceries and a helping hand to their city.

If you want to sign up, head to the Gateway Grocery Delivery website.

Instacart is another grocery delivery service in Knoxville. If you want more information, head to the Instacart website.