(WBIR-Dandridge) Classes begin at Jefferson County High School in just a few days, but work continued Monday to finish a major construction project..

"We're on schedule to open," said Michael Phagan, the director of facilities at the school system. "Four out of the five classroom pods, and we'll have the commons area open and the media center open."

Work began in May 2013 to renovate the five sections, divided by subject, and to add a new auditorium and stage area. Work is expected to finish in 2015, with most of the work done before the first day of class Friday.

However, an unexpected wrench added even more work for construction crews last year.

"The fencing here is around 'Building 8' which is our vocational or CTE building," Phagan added.

A roof collapse caused by heavy rainsin late July 2013 is still in the middle of construction. It was not part of the original plans, announced in 2012.

"We're still in negotiations with insurance about who's going to pay for what on that." he said.

Even though there are more dump trucks than school buses on the the andridge campus, Phagan noted they are on schedule to finish with those four classroom sections.

The project will cost $25 million.