A fire at a Hamblen County gas station destroyed two cars and badly damaged the station.

Firefighters said a car caught fire Monday afternoon in Morristown. Station attendants shut off the gas flow as firefighters put out the blaze.

They said the flames spread to a second car. The fire destroyed both vehicles, but nobody was injured. It also damaged the station's pumps and lights.

Fire Chief Kevin Jarnigan says several units were on standby because of the gasoline. He said clean-up crews worked to contain the spilled gas.

Chief Jarnigan said the fire could have been started by static electricity.

"If you are fueling your car and it's cold, don't get back in your car. Stay with the pump," he cautioned. "If you get back in your vehicle and then get back out you'll build up a static charge and when you pull the nozzle out a static discharge can ignite the fumes."

The official cause of the fire remains under investigation.