ID=10310889(WBIR-Greeneville) After more than 60 years on the air on WGRV-AM, longtime midday anchor Maxine Humphreys announced her retirement Tuesday.

"Just enjoy things that I... I don't have to meet a schedule every day," she said after announcing her big news. Humphreys joined the radio station in 1953, after working at Eastman during World War II.

"She's been a walking history book of what's been happening in Greene County for six decades," Nate Humbard, the music director said.

Humphreys' newscasts were primarily the local news and funeral announcements. She said she has gained a following over the years. The station reports at one time, Maxine's newscast had a 40-share in Arbitron ratings.

"It's been a responsible job-- let's say that and leave it there. But it's been a rewarding job too and I'm thankful," she added.

Maxine will come back to WGRV when needed.

Her last day was Tuesday.