Some East Tennessee veterans are looking for some stability because, by the end of this month, members of the American Legion in Morristown will once again be without a Legion Hall.

Over the past four years, they have gone through a number of buildings. Sometimes, moving every two to three months.

Mullins Shaolin Kung Fu is home to Karate. It's also the latest home of the monthly American Legion post 52 meetings.

Now, they have to find a new home by July.

The business had offered the post a spot in its basement, but an opportunity to rent out that space has put the veterans out of a home again.

Post Commander Donald Parker is cleaning up and preparing to move in the coming weeks. Taking the flag down.

"We were losing members, and when we got the karate building we were using it for three months and we got ten new members. Everybody was happy and everybody was there, and boom, we lose it," said Parker.

Parker said the American Legion puts all of its funds back into the community. And because of this, they can't afford a building of their own.

"[The] only money we got coming in right now is dues. And we get three dollars and a half per person per year. And we have 82 members," said Parker.

Marvin Ferrell, the Post Adjutant, recently underwent a knee replacement. It's limited his ability to get around, and mobility is an important part of deciding on a location.

"We just want everyone to feel welcome and help them to you know and have a place they can have handicap access," said Ferrell.

Parker said the city and county weren't able to donate a spot for the post, which is why he's turning to the community.

"We would like community support to back what we are doing. And we want to get some more members to come out and see what we can do," said Parker.

Parker said the post will help veterans set their lives on the right path after serving, and even offer help with finances.

All the while, offering them a place they can call home.

Parker says they are willing to hear different handicap accessible spots that the community is willing to offer. You can contact Parker at 330-466-4518.