Hawkins County officials are discussing the future of emergency response in the area.

Right now two ambulance services respond to the area: Hawkins County and Church Hill EMS. The two serve separate communities are divided by an invisible boundary. So when a call comes in near the border the closest ambulance doesn't always necessarily respond.

County commissioners are discussing adding GPS units to each ambulance to allow dispatchers to see which ambulance is closest and assign it to the emergency.

911 Director Gary Murrell Says something needs to be done.

"We could have a call that is close to that boundary line that is Hawkins County and Church Hill has an ambulance inside Surgoinsville City and that ambulance is closer is not dispatched to that call," he said.

The GPS plan still needs to be finalized, and at least one other ambulance service has submitted a proposal to begin running calls in the area.

The committee will discuss the issue again at a September 12th meeting.