The Heritage High School Dance Team recently dedicated one of their halftime dance routines to a high school hero, fallen Officer Kenny Moats.

This past Friday, the team started their dance by playing the final call that was played during Moat's funeral.

Moats was shot and killed in the line of duty in August. He was a Marvyville Police Officer and a graduate of Heritage High School.

“Starting off with the final call I think everybody in the audience as well as the dancers realized that this is happening and how hard it was for his family and that put a lot of emotion into us and our dancing," said dance member Riley Saywer.

The nine dancers feel connected to Moats in many ways.

“When you hear things like this on the news other places it doesn’t hit you as hard, but when it's somewhere so close to you and graduated from your own high school it just hurts your heart," said dance team co-captain Julia Bitner.

She said it was a memorable experience expressing their emotions through every twist and turn.

"Doing this dance gives them a thank you for that and it means a lot that they do all the things they do for us," Bitner said.