It's been one week since the deadly shooting at the Burnett Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch. For the first time, we hear from the man many are calling a hero.

Robert Engle is the 22-year-old church member credited with saving lives after he confronted the shooter.

Engle was just one of the many people inside the church last Sunday morning when a gunman opened fire. And he was there again today for the first Sunday service since that tragedy.

"Good always wins. We can definitely say God was with us last week,” said Engle.
With a sling around his arm the man Nashville Police call a hero wants people to know he wasn't the only hero that day.

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"Everyone in this church is a hero. God was definitely the hero. That's all I have to say about that,” said Engle.

According to police, Engle confronted accused gunman Emanual Samson, wrestling with him until he was finally able to grab his own gun and hold Samson until police arrived.

Engle was pistol whipped in the process. One woman was killed, 6 others, including Engle injured. He's asking for prayers for everyone involved.

"Believe it or not please keep Emanuel Samson and his family in your prayers right now,” said Engle.

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Last week we reported investigators found a note inside the car of Emanuel Samson.

The Associated Press reports the note allegedly references retaliation in reference to another church shooting back in 2015 when a white supremacist murdered 9 people at an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Despite the ongoing civil rights investigation, Engle is also praying for Samson.

"He’s a victim as well,” said Engle. "I ask that you all keep all of my family...I say family I mean Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, my direct family, everyone... please keep them all in your prayers with comfort and support."