(WBIR) Crews in Knox County headed out Sunday morning and afternoon to pre-treat roads ahead of a storm expected to bring potentially dangerous driving conditions into East Tennessee.

The county's director of highway maintenance, Brian Hubbs, said crews in 9 trucks will be working throughout the afternoon and evening to spread thousands of gallons of salt brine across its seven highway maintenance districts.

As we head into Sunday evening, the county said it plans to switch over to granulated road salt to try and prevent ice and snow building up on roads.

Approximately ten salt trucks will be out working major county roads, as well as problem spots, once the weather moves into the area, according to Hubbs. He advised residents to stay off the roads.

"The best advice I can say is stay off the roads tonight as much as possible, unless it's an emergency, and just be looking for ice on the roads and slow down and keep your speeds down as much as you can," Hubbs said.

Tips from Knox County Health Department and the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau

  • Check on elderly neighbors, friends and relatives – make sure they have adequate heating, food, clothing and necessary medications.
  • If using space heaters, make sure to follow the instructions properly and keep them away from any flammable materials.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test all devices to ensure they are working properly.
  • Never leave candles, fireplaces or other open flames unattended.
  • Bring pets indoors, if possible. Otherwise, ensure adequate shelter and bedding to keep them dry and warm.
  • Avoid going outdoors. However, if you must go outside, dress warmly in layers to limit exposure to the cold.