A Loudon County couple says their horse is missing in the Cherokee National Forest.

Katie Webb and Jonathan Guenther of Vonore said Katie was riding Susie, a 5-year-old Chestnut Tennessee Walker mare, in the Citico area of the forest. Suddenly, Susie was spooked and Katie was thrown from the horse. The horse was last seen in the Mount Pleasant area corner of Cooper Road with all of her tack still on.

Webb and Guenther alerted the Monroe County Sheriff Department and the Cherokee National Forest Park Rangers of the lost horse, a Monday press release said.

“Susie means a lot to me," Webb said in the release. "My other horse is extremely depressed and won’t eat since Susie has been missing.”

Webb said in the press release she encourages spreading her missing equine flier in public places and online.

Susie has a blaze marking on her face, a coronet band on her right rear leg, and a sock on her left front leg.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Katie Webb, Jonathon Guenther, Monroe County Sheriff Department, Cherokee National Forest Park Rangers or Stolen Horse International with any information. Pictures and contact information can be found here.