As a large wildfire continues to burn near Walland, hundreds of people have stopped by the Blount Co. Fire Department to leave donations of food, money and other items for the firefighters.

"It's been overwhelming. I mean, it just touches us all, our hearts, that the community has supported us so well," said Fire Chief Doug McClanahan. "It means a lot. Lots of prayers going out so it's been fabulous"

People who were once strangers, are now friends. Some even checking in daily to make sure the firefighters are doing okay.

"Just packed up the car the last couple days and just bringing food from Maryville restaurants that want to help out," said Anne Vancuren, one of the many who decided to donate. "It's encouraging. Very encouraging to see folks step forward and want to be a part of the solution."

Chief McClanahan said they have plenty of food and water but if the fire continues they may need something later on. Cash donations are also welcomed to keep their equipment up to date and other various expenses.

"Any funds that do come in will be used wisely, I guarantee you that," McClanahan said.

As people thank the firefighters, they thank the community for the continued support.

"Again, we just appreciate the community. Thank you so much," McClanahan said.