Jury selection began Wednesday in a civil case brought by a Campbell County man who was beaten by Campbell County deputies in 2004.

Lester Siler, who was on probation in July 2004 for selling drugs, said Campbell County sheriff's deputies entered his home and beat and even tortured him with a car battery charger. His wife recorded audio of the incident.

The five deputies he accused were immediately fired by the sheriff.

The deputies pleaded guilty in federal court in 2005, and received sentences ranging from 51 to 72 months. They are all out of jail now.

A district attorney in Campbell County filed suits against the deputies and the sheriff's department in both state and federal court, but those cases were ultimately dismissed after Siler and his wife were jailed for selling oxycodone from their home next to White Oak Elementary School.

The Silers filed their lawsuit, but a judge dismissed it in 2012.

The new lawsuit is a civil suit. Jury selection was still going Wednesday afternoon.